TRI-ACTA H.A. by Integricare was built of the success of the science-driven formula of TRI-ACTA. The Maximum strength formula provides added support of hyaluronic acid, which is ideal for those horses that are aging, experiencing arthritis, stiffness, and those in training, competition or under a heavy workload. TRI-ACTA H.A contains two types of glucosamine for cartilage regeneration - glucosamine hydrochloride for bioavailability and glucosamine sulfate to promote the formation of collagen. It also contains chondroitin sulphate which works hand in hand with glucosamine to prevent the breakdown of cartilage, and MSM which is used to reduce inflammation. The maximum strength formula contains hyaluronic acid which helps lubricate joints to minimize friction and enhancing resistance to shock in weight-bearing joints. 


This product is pure and concentrated, so the serving is small and easily administered to even the pickiest eater. The 22g per day serving of TRI-ACTA H.A. provides your partner with the optimal dose of key, all-active ingredients to promote and maintain optimum joint health while lessening joint degeneration. This supplement contains no fillers and is FEI, EC, AGCO, and IFHA compliant. 


Tri-Acta H.A. Maximum Strength

SKU: KV940-004