Longer, wider and deeper to fit drafts, large warmbloods and halter horses. Dura-Nylon® sheets are great for maintaining the coat, keeping your horse clean and works well as a blanket liner. Breathability keeps your horse from over heating and featuring the "Original" Adjusta-Fit® System designed to adjust the size of the neck up to 2", so you get a custom fit no matter the shape of your horse. If regular size 84 & 86 blankets are too snug or too short for your horse, Big Fella sizes 84 & 86 are 2" broader in the shoulders and 3-4" deeper on the sides.
Up to 75% stronger than other 420D nylon sheets
Extra tough, slick, smooth 420D nylon to maintain a great coat.
Excellent for cool temps or as a liner under blankets
Breathability makes this sheet especially useful during changing weather
2 buckle open front with hook and loop assist closure
Low set Adjustable front surcingle and hind sewn in Adjustable web leg straps.
V-Free® Pressure Free Wither Relief:
V-Free® wither relief to fit sloped shoulder conformation with a larger neck opening
V-Free® design prevents rubbing and relives wither pressure for horses with moderate to low withers, leaving the mane uncovered

Adjusta-Fit Big Fella Stable Sheet