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- Sanitary Beta Tack

I would like to thank you for filling our order for the Beta Reins so promptly. The sets of reins arrived at our Stable yesterday and have now been "TEST RIDDEN" in the Riding School by Novice Riders, Advanced Riders and the Staff. All feedback is unanimous. Everyone agrees that these reins are great!!!*very rideable with a nice feel in the hand*even Novice riders hold the rein properly - no slipping through the fingers*Staff LOVE the quick connect and easy to disinfect between Lessons.We have it set up with the quick disconnect that every Student gets a fresh set of reins before the Lesson and every used set gets disinfected and hung up ready for another Horse after each Lesson!!!I've now taken off all leather reins in the School and we are only using the Beta Reins.Congratulations on such a wonderful product at this time when we are all trying to limit contact between Students.

Creditview Farms Inc.



Belmont, ON, Canada

Please feel free to give us a call 519-644-0308 (ask for Arabella) or email, if you have any questions.